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Kylee, age 6, has a vision to have a Sports Drink drive for ALL of Houston fire stations. Each station is provided with water but outside of that, beverages must be purchased on their own dime. Sports Drinks, especially in the summer months, is highly desired and needed to replace electrolytes lost while fighting fires. And so, Mission: Hydrate {Houston} was born! Help us support this sweet girl's desire to have EVERY station filled with Sports Drinks by donating Sports Drinks to our cause! Proud of her for trying to make a really big difference in the city of Houston! 

There is a preference for the tubs of powder to make sports drink (Gatorade, Powerade, etc.) by the gallons as opposed to individual bottles but I assure you, nothing will be turned down by these men and women! Thank you for making a 6 year old's dream come true and for supporting your local firefighters!


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